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The Italian Restaurant

Behind the Experience at Federico's

The Restaurant with Live Entertainment!

The experiences at Federico's Supper Club are created by much more than a unique philosophy and atmosphere. The family of staff who share their personality, passion and love for what they do together is also what makes this restaurant special.

Many staff members have been here since the doors opened in late 1998.  Needless to say - staff turnover is very low.  As with any family, there are always the 'interesting' moments.  Most of the staff is male, but the female component we do have does tend to dominate the environment.... :)  Many ask why only male servers - and the answer is simple - consistency with 'old school' themes.

We have many Italians working here which adds to the flavour and intensity of the environment; however, in general - our staff composition is what would be described as the 'United Nations' including Argentinian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Irish, Portuguese, Spanish and of course - simply Canadian.

Federico himself is the father of the family and like any head of family - has some strict rules: do not touch his pencil in the office! Brunella is queen mother and her voice and conversations can carry as far back as the kitchen even if she is at the front of the restaurant. Joe is smooth, calm and does great inpromptu impersonations! Quite the funny guy when he is not trying.  Kitchen staff are what you would call...cool and incredibly talented! Dolores, our beautiful Argentinian reservation co-ordinator and main hostess speaks a mile a minute, while Lucy is soft spoken with modern day 'flower child' characteristics. Both lovely ladies!

Our servers are interesting and range in personality types. Earl, our star server, is quite witty and charming - but - hands off while he is serving. Very sensitive to touch! Gianluca - is the cool 'downtown' dude with the most creative nick names for staff - which we cannot mention on this site :) Francesco is from Rome - enough said! Vlad is one of our long time servers and always up to sharing a story...which can take a while. Mike is our friendly giant, while Victor is our Portuguese...lover?

Yarko and Jackie are the helping hands the servers could not do without! Heavy accents but smiles always. Stefano and Rob - the Italian stallions...Stefano is amazing as our bartender, and cute too. Rob is in a category of his own. Amazing at what he does and loves 'eye candy' in the female form. We all know when a pretty woman is in the restaurant based on Rob's eyes and inability to work.

And our musicians, of course... Sandro Camerin - is our star on guitar for dinner! The 'lovely and talented' Shannon and Palma (aka Palma tree) add spice to the stage when performing with Federico, while 'Uncle Aldo' always has a joke to crack before, during and after the performances. Nephew Joe and long time friend, Lorenzo, make occasional appearances on drums, while Goby, Lou and Wes are part of our extended family - each adding a unique flavour when sharing their talent on stage.

The pictures in the gallery above represent more than the cast of staff; it is a peek into what makes Federico's Supper Club as well. We don't have pics of everyone but we will be adding them and more very soon. Welcome to our home and family where each component together creates Federico's Supper Club - Vancouver's most unique experience! 

604 251 3473
Federico's Supper Club
1728 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC V5N 4A3