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The Italian Restaurant

Restaurant Wedding Reception

Planning a wedding...Federico's restaurant wedding receptions make it simple for you by offering all elements that you need - almost like a built in wedding planner!!

In terms of exclusive use of the Supper Club for your wedding reception, Federico's Supper Club includes:

  • a five star menu of your choice
  • live music and dancing is INCLUDED with the exclusive use of the Supper Club by your host Federico Fuoco. If so desired, other outside entertainment can be contracted by guest or Federico's, which is subject to respective performer fees.   
  • 5 state-of-the-art large screens for special slide shows
  • superb sound system as well as a library of music in between live performances
  • cordless microphone for speeches
  • five star service and hospitality, sommelier, full bar, open room, and dance floor
  • ample parking

Please note that The Supper Club also weclomes parties that do not require an exclusive restaurant wedding venue. For more information or booking details, please contact one of our reservation co-ordinators at 604.251.3473, or email us at info@federicossupperclub.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to have the Supper Club exclusively?

This will vary depending on weeknight and time of year. The rates are very reasonable and are based on a minimum spend comprised of food, beverages / alcohol consumption, plus tax and gratuity.  Luncheon receptions are also welcome with attractive rates as well.

Is there a room fee or any other fees?

There is no room fee or other fees besides food, alcohol, beverages, tax and gratuity (18%). Entertainment is included unless you choose to bring in alternate entertainment or DJ - which then is at the expense of the guest. 

If you choose to dress the room wedding style - this would be at the guest's expense. Pictures presented here provide an example of what the room can look like dressed, and is NOT included as part of the restaurant wedding offering.  Otherwise, use of the room includes all we offer in terms of standard linen, flatware, etc.  

Do you have wedding packages with cost details?

Because of the flexibility we offer and different needs prospective guests may have in terms of number of guests, budget, menu format, etc. - there is no standard package we offer. Instead we choose to work with the client and their respective needs. Please note though that the standard package will include, at minimum, all that is mentioned in the opening information on this page.

Can we use the venue for the wedding ceremony as well, followed by the reception?


Can we do a cocktail type reception versus a sit down dinner?

Yes. Cocktail appetizer selections can be found here.

If we did not want exclusive use of the room - is there still a minimum spend?

No - there is no minimum spend if you do not have exclusive use of the room. In fact - if desired - you may have exclusive use of the room and equipment before other guests arrive. We can arrange this at no extra charge. This is an ideal opportunity to make speeches and use screens for slideshows, or even cocktail for a while with drinks and appetizers. When attending as a large group among other groups - a group set menu, however, does still apply.

Can we create our own menu?

Yes. A customized menu can be created based on your preferences and budget.

How long do we have the room for with exclusive use?

Typically you have the room until midnight; however these hours can be extended. In terms of event start time - again this can be configured to your needs. Note: we could also do an informal luncheon if an evening event is not desired.

How many people does the room hold?

The room can hold up to 150 guests. Exclusive use of the room does not depend on the number of guests but rather the applicable minimum spend. And even with 50 guests - a private party at the Supper Club can still feel intimate given the flexible means in which we can configure the room. Whether it be smaller round tables, or for larger groups - more banquet style longer tables, the seating can be designed such that it suits the size of your party.

Restaurant Wedding Reception

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