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The Italian Restaurant

Live at Federico's

80's Night!

featuring Mark Olexson and The A-DEEZ

Friday, July 28 2017

$58 - includes 3 course dinner, show fee & dancing

*price does not include applicable tax & gratuity

Gifted musicians with individual credits including concert tours and performances with well known international artists and other high profile bands, Mark Olexson & The A-Deez collectively deliver in talent and energy, transporting you to a time and place which produced some of the most iconic music and artists of the 1980's decade. Charged with an amazing list of 80's tunes, The A-Deez will have you on the floor dancing and singing to some of the best songs of the era, including favourites by George Michael, Prince, Bon Jovi, The Police, Aha, Flock of Seagulls, INXS, Simple Minds and much more!!

Join us for an exclusive 80's Night at Federico's where unique experiences are king! You will be blown away!

*p.s. your invited to dress for the occasion (optional), whether big hair, skinny ties, Madonna inspired lace and leather, or your favourite 80's look.

Band Members

Mark Olexson (lead vocals & guitar)
Sebastien de Castell (keyboard & vocals)
Douglas Lechinsky (drums & vocals)
Goby Catt (bass & vocals)

An A-Deez Flavour...

*taken using a suspended camera at one of our 80's Halloween events. Short on time --> fast forward to 1:10 minute mark on video below.

Mark Olexson

Mark Olexson is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and vocalist: guitar, keyboards, drums, and bass are all in his repertoire. He was a founding member of the well-known Vancouver based 80's tribute band 'Tainted Lovers' as well as the jazz quartet Continental Clyde, and local favourites The Neurotics and Jet Fox Magic. Marks love for 80's music and highly respected musicianship within the industry has also gained him opportunities as keyboardist and musical director for multi-platinum recording artists Men Without Hats, as well as sharing the stage with 80's icons The B-52s, Spandau Ballet, The Romantics, The Human League, Big Country and DEVO. In addition, over the past decade Mark's music versatility has seen him tour with Tal Bachman, 54-40, Bjorn Again, Bobby Bruce (Nearly Neil), Jully Black, Alan Frew (Glass Tiger), Patricia Conroy and Matthew Good. He has played on stage with Rik Emmett, Randy Bachman, The Barenaked Ladies, Billy Duffy (The Cult), Todd Kerns, Barney Bentall, and comedian Shaun Majumder; and also performed for Richard Branson, Matt Damon, Johnny Depp, Prime Minister Jean Cretien and the Malaysian Royal family. Currently, Mark plays bass and sings in support of legendary singer/songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie.

Besides Mark's achievements as a multi-instrumentalist, he has also produced and engineered for a number of artists: Sabrina Korva, Prairie Pride, and Continental Clyde; scored for films The Hound of London, Virtuality, Deluxe Combo Platter, and Sharp As Marbles, as well as contributed sound design and scoring for the St. Roch installation at the BC Maritime Museum.

Mark Olexson & The A-Deez: Purple Rain (by Prince)...

click this link to view video on Facebook (must be a Facebook user to access)

Sebastien de Castell

Sebastien de Castell is a monster on the guitar, a demon on the keyboards, and his bass playing sends fans screaming for mercy. Actually, they pretty much scream for mercy whatever he plays. With more than twenty years of performing with bands such as The Neurotics, the Mop Tops, and now the A-Deez, Sebastien has performed everywhere from the Vancouver Sun Run's starting line to the Melbourne Music Festival in Australia.

Doug Lechinsky

Douglas Lechinsky has played drums professionally for over 35 years and has toured extensively throughout Canada, Asia and the Middle East. Over his career, he has played and recorded with a multitude of bands and ensembles of varying music genres, including being a former member of the Canadian pop group 'The Northern Pikes'. He is also an established composer/producer, releasing his debut album project "Point One Percent" in 2009. Douglas' love of 80's music has been realized in co-founding 'The A-Deez' with long time friend Mark Olexson. Douglas provides the backbone for the A-Deez live shows with rock solid drumming, vocals and electronic percussion.

Goby Catt

Goby Catt was born and raised in Sydney Australia, where he was a respected bass player and vocalist in the city's jazz scene for more than a decade.

Goby has toured extensively in countries ranging from Australia, New Zealand to Canada and the United States. He has performed at the Manly International Jazz Festival, Sweetwater festival Auckland, and opened for music legends Tony Bennett and Al Jareau, both at Sydney's Star City Casino.

Now living in Vancouver, Goby Catt continues to entertain crowds as a bass player and vocalist with a variety of bands, as well as his own gigs, and has quickly gained much respect and praise among the local music community and audiences.

More 80's favourites the A-Deez look to share on July 28!

There are so many commercial drive restaurants, but only one that will bring back good memories from the 80's!

604 251 3473
Federico's Supper Club
1728 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC V5N 4A3