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The Italian Restaurant

Group Set Menus

Group Set Menus apply to groups of more than 12 guests.  Menus can also be customized to meet needs and budget upon request.  Currently there are 4 pre-defined set menus: Menu I, Menu II, Menu III, Menu IV.  These can be accessed, viewed and printed by using the left index panel on this page. 

The host for the group event pre-selects (at the time of booking) one of these menus which applies to ALL guests.  Guests choose their entree from within the menu the night of the event.  It is always a good idea to let your guests know the menu you have selected to help predetermine any special dietary requests for us to know about in advance. 

Cocktail appetizers are also available for group socials, private parties and other group reservations wanting a cocktail period before dinner service or as an alternative format for their event.

Please note that a set menu may also be ordered for guest reservations under 12 people, and like with groups - this should be requested in advance (at the time of booking) given that certain items are not available upon demand on a nightly basis.

For celebrations that require a cake, we can substitute the dessert in the set menu with a cake.  It will be presented at the table as a cake and then later cut into individual portions.  Please note that for food control purposes regarding cross-contamination, we do not accept outside cakes or food.  This is recommended by the Health Board to ensure food safety for all guests.

Questions related to group or custom menus can be addressed by either calling the restaurant or by email at info@federicossupperclub.com.

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