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The Italian Restaurant

Corporate Event Restaurant Venue in Vancouver

Federico’s Supper Club has always been a popular corporte event restaurant venue - whether for corporate meetings, presentations, or staff parties (including Christmas parties). Today, guests have discovered that it is a venue that can meet many needs in one solution, while also providing great value for all that is offered year round.

Depending on group size and weeknight – a variety of options can be provided to meet needs and budgets in terms of menus, music format, and use of peripheral audio/visual equipment - including 5 state-of-the-art large screens.

The Supper Club is also available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and during the DAY if needed.

Facilities for Meetings, Presentations and Seminars

conference facilities

Because we have 2,300 square feet of space and up to 140 seats to accommodate your event.

seminar room rental

Plus - 5 large high definition screens

business even venues
Plus Stage

venue for events

Plus - high speed internet, Wi-Fi and APPLE TV for wireless streaming

seminar venues

Plus - State-of-the-art sound system

corporate seminar venues

And, of course, the best selection of food and wine from our award-winning Italian kitchen!

Dining room photo gallery


You have an important presentation and are seeking a perfect venue to host it. You want it to be in a central location and ideal for a group - whether 20 or 120 guests.

It is vital for key speakers to be seen and heard; no doubt - a good sound system is appreciated. You have a preference to not bring a projector or screen; instead to use seamless current technology where the presentation can be streamed wirelessly from your iPad or Mac to several High Definition screens, or to run the presentation from an in-house system by simply loading your file(s). That would be fantastic!

Always part of a successful event - you would like to WOW your guests with the food and wine. Everyone's favourite - how about award-winning Italian cuisine? There needs to be the ability to accomodate special dietary needs too. What wine to choose...a Sommelier in house would be great! And - as a final punctuation - to receive five star service and hospitality so everyone agrees - this was the best presentation! Oh...and the group wants live music and dancing too...no problem, this can be included!

This can be done at Federico's, and it would be our pleasure to make your corporate gathering a complete success. Just try us!

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Federico's Supper Club
1728 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC V5N 4A3