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Christmas Party Venue

Restaurant Christmas Party Venues Vancouver

Without question - Federico’s Supper Club is a favourite choice for corporate Christmas parties. Whether a private function or a group dinner - it is one of the city's only places where guests can spend the entire evening enjoying fabulous food, entertaining live music, and dancing that feeds off the energy of the festive season. Needless to say - it is a party!

Christmas party season starts in mid-November and typically by December - Federico's is a full house EVERY night, including Monday's and Tuesdays. Each night includes live music with two sets of entertainment - dinner music and then high energy dance with a variety of genres facilitating the appeal to a cross section of ages. Standards, retro favourites, latin and dance hits form the music style for all to enjoy.

Because of the volume of demand - we recommend booking private parties or group reservations well ahead of time. Friday and Saturdays in late November and all of December are typically booked ONE YEAR in advance. Week nights from mid-November and throughout December should be booked several weeks or months in advance of the desired date. A Group Set Menu applies to all reservations over 12 guests and is pre-selected in advance (one menu choice for the entire group). Deposits are required to secure the reservation and will vary in amount depending on size of group. Deposits are non-refundable in the event of cancellation.

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Christmas Party Lunches

Corporate luncheons are also an alternative for those seeking an opportunity to leave work early and start the celebration in the afternoon - and even perhaps build in a staff appreciation or year-end presentation.

Private Christmas Parties

A minimum spend is applicable for private use of the Supper Club and will vary depending on the week night desired. The minimum spend is based on food/alcohol/beverage consumption before tax and gratuity. Live music and dancing is included (with exception of day use - unless otherwise negotiated). If there is a DJ preference or other music format requested (e.g. bringing in own D.J or live music) - then this is the responsibility of the organizers both in terms of fee and sourcing of entertainment.


In terms of Group Set Menus (applicable to 13+ guests), please note that Menu I is NOT available on Fridays and Saturdays from mid-November until December 23. In addition - throughout the month of December (until December 23) - Menu II or better applies for ALL group reservations over 12 guests. The a la carte menu is NOT available from December 1 - 23, and instead our 4 course Fixed Price Menu applies for ALL reservations with a guest configuration under 15 guests. This is designed to accommodate the high volume of guests (of which the majority are groups) and ensure the rhythm of food service is maintained throughout the evening, given that during this period all guests receive a minimum of 4 courses.

Federico's Supper Club will work with co-ordinators in assisting a smooth planning process regarding menus, including any cocktail appetizers desired for initial arrival, special dietary requests, wines, billing, etc.

Helpful tips & guidelines for Christmas party organizers

Once having booked your group reservation, please refer to these helpful GUIDELINES below to ensure a smooth process between the time of booking and your event. In terms of information sharing, we prefer to speak to co-ordinators when it involves detailed information and questions; it avoids mistakes and makes the experience more personal. Brief information works well for email.

  • Please choose your Group SET MENU (if over 15 guests) and let us know your menu choice as soon as possible. ONE menu applies to your entire group.  COCKTAIL APPETIZER choices, if applicable, should be communicated at the same time. Typically cocktail appetizers apply for buyouts or for those arriving early and have requested a cocktail period in advance.
  • Please ask your guests to RSVP you with their ENTREE PREFERENCES found in the set menu of choice in order to minimize sold out entrees. Counts for each entree preference should be submitted to us 7 DAYS prior to your event; if there are any changes, we can update as needed. Please also let us know in advance of any SPECIAL dietary requests in order that we can accommodate accordingly. 
  • If you are hosting WINE and your group is over 30 people, we recommend that you identify your wines in advance, NO LATER than 2 weeks prior to event. We ask that you choose one red and one white type of wine. If you feel that you will need above average supply of wine, please do let us know (more than 1-2 glasses per person). If you know that guests also prefer more red than white (or vice versa) - please advise us as well. Note: you will only be billed for wine consumed.  If you would like recommendations, please provide us with a budget/bottle and our sommelier can offer some wine alternatives.
  • If interesting in ordering bottled or mineral water, please do let us know in advance in order that we can accommodate quantity for group.
  • Let us know how BILLING will be handled in advance of your event. As an example - ONE BILL for everything (food, wine, alcohol, etc.) or ONE FOOD & WINE & NON-ALCOHOL & separate drink bills, etc… If using a credit card to pay at the end of evening, we recommend that you let your credit card provider know in advance should you have transaction limits.
  • Guest count - given our busy season and the fact that we do have wait lists - we request accurate guests counts for your group. If your numbers are drastically different then your original ceiling provided to us - then let us know right away. Otherwise, we like to have an update of your numbers TWO WEEKS prior to your event; and then updated with any changes leading up to the event. We request your GUARANTEED guest count - 48 HOURS prior to the event. This is the number for which you will be billed regarding FOOD.
  • Please note that guest counts are based on dinner attendees; if there are guests that cannot come for dinner - then we do not allocate seats for them (unless it is a private function). If there are guests that can only come later - please do speak to a reservation co-ordinator in advance to ensure we can accommodate this given volume of guests and related capacity.
We look forward to making your party the best ever!

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